Monday, June 16, 2014

Long time comin'

Nothing tastes as good as deadlifts feel.

I'm back in the gym, and it's been a long time coming. Time to take the focus off the scale, stop whining that I can't drop weight, quit cursing food that yes, as a matter of fact, does taste better than deadlifts feel.

Because it's all excuses.

I can't control my slower than sludge metabolism, frickin' age, or sedentary job.  That's my life.  And I'm tired of spending it angry at things I can't change. Serenity prayer, I need to heed your words.

What can I change? You know, that's the wrong question. That only makes me angry (yep there's that anger again) that I NEED to change something.  The right question isn't tied to the scale or the size on the label of my jeans.  The real question is quality of life, and it's probably as much the anger's fault as it is the weight, that is causing my blood pressure and cholesterol to rise.

So, what can I add to my life to increase the quality?

Deadlifts. In a gym. A solitary refuge surrounded by other lifters. That make me happy. Content.

Eat healthy when I can, and quit beating the crap out of myself when I don't.

Eyes on my own plate; why am I stressing out over what someone else puts in their mouth??

Less sitting around watching other people's lives taking place on television and Facebook and more getting out of the house and living my own life.

Laughter. More comedy shows on television, silly times with Merran, fun adventures and nights out, and yes if I want a drink - or two or three, or mac and cheese, or a Dairy Queen Blizzard - C'est la vie!!

Life, it's a long time comin'

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