Sunday, January 8, 2012

The fine art

I am learning the fine art of maintaining physical fitness while also having a life.

I always said I had it easy in my fitness journey because I live alone so can keep the kitchen stocked with food that supports clean eating, without any one else bringing temptations into the house (I do enough tempting of myself, and yes am finishing the last of the peppermint mocha freeze in this morning’s protein shake…don’t judge! Lol), and with a steady work schedule can easily get to the gym when I want. Letting people into my life is proving to be a challenge; though I am still getting to the gym, and still eating fairly decently. The struggle is in living the 5-6 meal a day lifestyle. I am finding on weekends (work weeks I can still maintain control) I am back to three meals a day.

So the quest for balance continues.

I know I can’t out train a bad diet, but can you out train a mediocre diet?

This week in addition to 4 days of lifting, I need to add more cardio. I’m thinking Zumba Tuesday evenings, Friday noon, and Saturday morning; plus P90x Intervals or Rev Abs Monday and Wednesday mornings. And MAYBE P90x core Thursday morning…we’ll see.

Chest and back supersets

DB flyes 20# x 3 x 20
One arm row 40# x 3 x 11

Incline bench 65# x 12, 9, 9
Seated row 55# x 12, 10, 50# x 11

Side lat raise 8# x 20, 20, 15
Rear lat raise 8# x 15, 11, 10

Close grip lat pulldown 50# x 3 x 12

Machine row 75# x 12, 10, 67.5# x 10
Posterior delt row (on the machine row machine) 25# x 20, 30# x 15, 17

Plus 50 minutes of Zumba at lunch

DB walking lunges (WU 50 bodyweight only) 25# x 3 x 24
Sitting calf raises 115# x 10, 11, 12
Leg press (wanted to PR but the weighted walking lunges always whoop my but…literally, so no go) 360# x 15, 410# x 12, 430# x 10, 410# x 12, 360# x 21
Lying leg curl 62.5# x 12, 67.5# x 9.5, 9, 8
Cable hip adduction 25# x 12, 30# x 10, 12
Cable hip abduction 25# x 3 x 12

Zumba 60 minutes

Stay strong!


  1. Hi Mel, Finding balance is a good thing. The diet thing is another story! ;) I have an interview, you might appreciate over at my blog. Although not a Christian, she used to be a big inspiration to me in my early days of competing a hundred years ago! Anyway- just thought of you and wanted to give you a holler, my friend- not sure if you follow me so I figured I would drop by and tell you in person!
    Dawn @ Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

  2. No doubt that diet is the hardest part of the equation to master Mel! The 4-6 small meals daily is tough on th weekends for sure too! When I was behaving well & following the Body for Life program closely that was one of the extra things I loved about the sanity "free day" it let me take Sat OR Sun & (within reality) revert to the 3 meals & not always SOOO tight of meals for one of those 2 days which only left 1 day to battle through.

    I have NO DOUBT you'll knock it out of the park & if you're careful enough to only let fairly like minded folks in, they should actually prove beneficial rather than challenging!

    Good luck to us all young lady!!!

  3. If your goal is to maintain your current fitness level then I'd say 3 meals a day on the weekends is fine.
    you've got this all under control.
    keep pressing on.

  4. Having a balance is very hard without constantly evolving to make sure fitness is always important. I know that working in an office environment with many gatherings makes being extremely fit a challenge, and not letting anyone influence you to poor habits especially with dieting. It simply takes confidence and consistency!