Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas spirit invincibility

Well, that’s it. My gym is officially closed for the weekend. Despite the little sleep last night, and the long day finishing up Christmas shopping, I made walked into the gym with eagerness tonight. Didn’t have much of a plan…just a wrap-up workout out, since that seemed to fit the season since tomorrow I have more wrapping to do that I prefer. The impatience I have in the weight room with my shoulder, and in the kitchen spills over everywhere in my life. Martha Stewart bows and ribbons are a foreign language to me.

It was a good day at the gym. Not any super lifting. Not any personal bests. Though that didn’t mean I didn’t try. A little chatting up with a special gym friend, along with a pretty nice Christmas hug, had me feeling invincible. Well, that or the Jack3D. The cause doesn’t matter. What does matter was that I learned my leg press limit, well maybe not my limit, but I learned what I can’t do. I mean I could do 9 reps at 450# how much harder could 500# be? Well turns out A LOT. Good thing the leg press sled has a low safety catch. But you know what? Failure didn’t rattle my good feeling.

I’m starting to think things are turning around. I’m planning on living 2012 in the words of the Griz, "Work hard, train hard, play hard, love deeply!"

Hope you all have a great holiday, in any matter which you choose to celebrate!

1st Circuit
DB bench step ups 25# x 10 (each leg), 30# x 10, 9
EZ bar curl (weight added) 20# x 3 x 12
EZ bar triceps extension (weight added) 20# x 10, 12, 15
Side lat raise 8# x 15, 15, 20
One arm row 45# x 12, 50# x 9, 9

2nd Circuit
DB alt curls (3 reps while opposite arm is flexed x 3 = 1 set) 17.5# x 3 sets
Triceps kickback 17.5# x 15, 15, 12
Rear delt raise 10# x 20, 20, 18
Machine row 75# x 15, 80# x 15, 15

Leg press straight set 36-# x 12, 410# x 10, 450# x 9 (500# attempt failed! Next time I’ll do the reasonable thing and try 470# first. Or something.)

Wishing everyone many many Christmas blessings!


  1. Awesome work young lady & congrats for finding the ragged edge on the sled! THAT'S AWESOME!!!

    Here's hoping we can both hit many 4 for 4 days on that mantra MUCH sooner rather than later too!

    Big Ol'Grizzly hugs for a most amazing New Year!

  2. Melinda, hope you had a pleasant holiday season full of love and peace.
    sometimes just getting to the gym is a success. You are getting it done!
    Good words to live by.