Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

(Besides world peace, true love, sunshine, etc…)

Nice, full, curvy delts. That’s what I want. And it’s what I can’t have, which makes me wonder if that is precisely why I want them. What is it about being denied something that makes us long for it all the more? Am I chasing strong and sexy delts the way a teenage girl chases a cute boy, only to reject him the moment he turns her way?

If my shoulders were strong and I had no problem sculpting curvy muscle that would give me the illusion of a taper in my waist, but was plagued by knee problems, would I then long for wide deep quads and lean and tight hamstrings? Were we created to want most the very things that are just outside our grasp, chasing that glimpse of perfection (or success or satisfaction or love) like a man searching for the allusive Holy Grail?

I still feel the soreness in my quads when I stand after Saturday’s workout. I worked chest and back on Monday, arms again today. I added in a superset of side and rear lat raises with embarrassingly light weight. I should be satisfied. But I want more…I want that glimpse of what seems to always slip through my fingers like the cold Oregon mist on these foggy winter mornings.

But we can’t always get what we want now, can we?


  1. All genetic pre-disposition and kidding aside, have you tried prioritizing them? In His Grace, Dawn

  2. Mel, I believe you've identified a mission critical weakness in humanity's core programming!

    Let's take this train of thought ALL the way back to the rail yard round house of Genesis!

    What was the ONE thing God said NOT to do?!? What was the ONE thing that the very first humans just HAD to have?!?

    Having been a parent for FAR too many years myself, the things that were most forbidden to my children were nearly ALWAYS the things they ended up pursuing with most vigor!

    It seems to be a core flaw in humanity to want what is forbidden the most, the essential forbidden fruit if you will! The harder something is to attain the more value we seem to place upon it, causing an ever increasing desire for it!

    Instead, if we could just focus on the attainable things that God places before us, that would provide both sustenance & satisfaction, our lives would & could be BOTH more satisfying & MUCH less stressful but again, in creeps that core programming flaw!

    As much as it disdains me to see wisdom in not one but two Rolling Stones tunes, it would seem "Can't Get No Satisfaction" might just fit the human condition just as well!

    May you find a blessed peace come upon you this crazy stressful Holiday season & may we all find peace in God's plan rather than struggling against the current for the forbidden fruits!