Saturday, November 5, 2011

The thing itself

When I woke this morning there was nothing more I wanted to do than lie in bed all day, languishing in laziness between the silky sheets, feeling the coolness of the air outside the covers on my face, hearing the rain hit the window at my head.

But this past week my employer began a new wellness program that involved pedometers, and the goal to accumulate as many steps as one can each day, 7000 being the magic number to obtain maximum points for the day, with the lure of reduced health benefit deductibles in 2013, as well as cash prizes once certain levels of points have been reached.

So, Zumba was calling, with its guarantee of more than 7000 steps in just one hour. How could I skip that opportunity??

I quickly got ready (after lying in bed too long),changed into my workout gear, and hurried to the gym, only to realize the pedometer was still lying on my kitchen counter.

For the first time Zumba was a chore; each step wasted. There was no way to get those steps back today. I may as well have stayed in bed.

But it’s not about steps. It’s not about points. The point of exercising is to become healthier. That I accomplished.

Tonight as I was simultaneously adding Kahlua to my protein blended mocha while chopping celery and carrots for chicken noodle soup I was making, I thought about the guy at the gym last night asking me what my lifting goals were, and my instant guilt because I have no goal…as if lifting in itself does not warrant my time or effort. And it made me think about starting friendships you know aren’t going to last forever, or even spending a few amazing hours with someone just because you’re needing someone’s touch.

Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a goal.
Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a reason for a moment of happiness.
Sometimes the individual moments don’t need to add up to a happily ever after.
Sometimes the thing itself makes it worth doing…worth living...worth lifting…worth loving.

Here’s to enjoying the moments.

Saturday’s workout

Zumba – 60 minutes
Wood chopper 45# x 12 (each side) x 5
Cable crunch 100# x 15 x 5
Cable hip pull through 70# x 15, 10, 15
One legged cable kick back 20# x 12 (each side) x 3
Lying leg curl (one legged) 25# x 12 x 3 (no rest between sets)

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  1. You must have been reading my mind into the future! Please see my most recent blog post on 11/10/11.
    it is about not just surviving the moments, but Living each moment and Loving each moment we are given...even the not so good moments. feel the moments for what they are but don't stay stuck in those depressing moments. reach for and seek out the moments that make you smile. even the smallest things. enjoy each moment we are given as each moment is truly a gift.
    love to you!