Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The need for speed...

“Yeah, what I really need
Is an open road
And a whole lot of speed…”

That’s how I find a good day. Constant motion…not even physical – though that helps – but just keeping the mind engaged enough that that melancholy can’t get it’s foot in the door. Give it a chance and that frustration with the rain, disappointment with my place in life, sadness and worry for the couple of people who I really care about but can’t have in my life will barge in and take up residence, cluttering my life with memories as useless as empty beer cans the morning after a rousing night, with regret around every corner like the smell of aftershave, with failed possibilities like wet towels on the bathroom floor.

But today that melancholy may have been knocking, but I just kept myself busy, turned up the music, and pretended I didn’t hear. Nothing works like a little distraction.

And that made it a good day.

It was leg day at the gym. And there’s nothing like a little anticipation for hard work to keep me psyched.

Leg extensions 120# x 12, 10, 9
Sitting leg curls 105# x 12, 120# x 10, 105# x 9
Wide stance squat (couldn’t do these so after the first set switched to normal squats…danged groin hurting again, guess I need to stretch better…or something! Had to icy hot it when I got home – which feels surprisingly good. Lol!!) 135# x 10, 10, 10
1 legged SLDL (w/ 25# DBs) 3 x 12
Standing calf raises BW + 135# x 3 x 20
Sitting calf raises 120# x 3 x 10
Walking lunges 25# DBs – only got one set of 20 in…killed the groin so I switched to:
Leg press WU 95# x 2 x 10, 270# 2 x 10 (had to stop this too. Dang it!!)

All in all not a bad workout. Legs are still shaky as I’m sitting here typing this. Hurting ticks me off, but what can I do…well besides stretch better maybe, and figure out what’s causing the injury. I know something that’s NOT causing it (dang it!) lol!

Almost posted the video to this some guy made with a truck singing…but dang it was just a bit too cheesy. Lol!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a good leg day!
    too funny about what's NOT causing the leg pain!! LOL.
    sometimes you do have to stay busy with life to not think about the stuff you can't change..
    but what we can do is change the stuff we can!

    Love this song!