Saturday, November 5, 2011


(From 11/4/11)

“Got my Ray-Bans on and I’m feeling hella cool tonight, yeah
Everybody’s vibing so don’t nobody start a fight, yeah-ah-ah-ah…”

The day didn’t start out that way. As I pulled into the bank this morning on the way to work, to get some cash out of the ATM, I realized my purse was still on my bed, where I laid it when I took unpacked my workout bag from last night, exchanging yesterday’s work clothes with today’s workout gear. Damn.

No ID card to get into work. No cash. And NO lunch. Yep, didn’t pack the cooler today because, well, it was payday Monday so this week there’s still a little money for eating out. Managed to live on the favor of co-workers (for lunch and coffee…) and made it the gym, where after changing into workout gear I realized I left my Mp3 player at work. Damn.

The memo must have gone around the Y telling of the way my day had been going, because it was stroke Melinda’s ego night. And I admit, shamelessly, that I liked it.

“You are ripped,” Cameron, one of the gym’s trainers commented as I was doing hammer curls, motioning to the cut between his own delts and biceps. “But you probably get tired of hearing that.”

I laughed, “No one in my “real” life even notices.” I told him. And by “real” life, I mean the people I see face to face day after day; co-workers, and family primarily.

Then, probably the most ripped lifter at the gym, another guy I talk to occasionally, asked, “What are your goals, anyway? I noticed you lift heavier than most women.”

I was beaming. Turns out he and his wife are opening a supplement store in town…with as he said, “More elite supplements geared towards bodybuilders.” I can’t wait til it opens.

So, I left the gym intoxicated and wishing I was going out tonight because I’m feelin’ like Rhianna… “Bout to hop on the bar, put it all on my card tonight, yeah. Might be mad in the morning but you know we goin hard tonight…”


Back and biceps tonight. Focused on slow and hard, with full range of motion.

Wide grip lat pulldown 70# x 10, 75# x 10, 10
Close, underhand grip pulldown 90# x 10, 9, 9
Seated narrow grip row 80# x 7, 70# x 9, 60# x 10, 50# x 8
One arm rows 35# x 10, 10, 10
Barbell curls 30# x 11, 9, 10
Alternate DB hammer curls 12.5 x 12, (each), 12, 13
Incline DB curls 12.5# x 10, 8, 7

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  1. LOVE the compliments!
    Hell Yeah! I work my butt off for these arms!
    and no, the "real" people in our lives don't notice those things! so what! do it anyways!
    keep ripping those arms, sister!