Monday, November 14, 2011


This is the sticky I posted to my computer screen this morning, all positive affirmation like, just willing the gods to shower blessings of amazingness upon me. So, the day’s about done, did anything amazing happen, you may wonder? Well it depends on what you consider amazing.

Did someone knock on my door giving me millions of dollars? No. Did my soul mate appear at my doorstep with that longed for feeling as though my heart finally found its missing half, along with the bonus of a long steady embrace, and uh…a little afternoon delight? Nope (dang it! Lol). Is my dog mysteriously hip pain free? Sigh…sadly, no. My shoulders still hurt. My crushes still don’t crush back. I didn’t spontaneously book tickets to a sunny beach. It’s still cold and rainy. I didn’t get to sleep in. And I still have to swallow back the disappointment and sorrow to keep it from overwhelming me too often for my liking.

If you look at my life nothing has changed. Except one thing. The most important thing. I am changing my attitude. So, while those amazing things up there didn’t happen (shucks gosh darn almighty!), the following things did happen, and you know what? They are pretty amazing too.

I didn’t cave to the Voodoo donut temptation Mer brought by my house this morning (and this isn’t just any donut. It’s the Old Dirty Bastard (yes that is its official name) - a raised glazed donut topped with chocolate frosting, peanut butter and Oreos.) I packed up ALL the cookies for her to take with her (I did save two for the dog…he thinks they are better than sliced bread.) I made a decision about my future that makes me very, very happy (like welcoming home an old friend.) I followed the JE diet plan to a T. I lifted hard and heavy and increased my bench. I didn’t skip my post workout meal. And, most important of all I didn’t let the darkness outside weigh so heavy on my soul inside.

And if I should falter (because the night isn’t over yet)? Then I’ll just fake it til I find it.

Here’s to looking for amazing. How about you, anything amazing happen?

Stay strong!


Monday workout

Bench press WU 45# x 15, 65# x 15 WO 80# x 6, 90# x 6 (then I got a spotter) 95# x 6, 95# x 6 (Increased these by 5# since Friday lol. Guess it helped not doing a full shoulder wo prior to benching.)Incline press 75# x 8, 6, 6, 5 (increased weight)

Flat bench flyes 22.5# x 10, 10, 8, 8

Lying ex bar tricep ext (weight added reported as I don't know the weight of the bar) 20# x 8, 10, 9, 8

DB triceps kick back 15# x 10, 10, 10, 10 (increased weight)

Triceps pressdown 60# x 10, 9. 9, 50# x 9, 9 (had to lower to 50# to maintain form)

Cable one arm triceps ext 20# x 7, 6 15# x 12, 10


  1. Not knowing what was happening in my life(with losing my job), my Aunt had called my mother the other day saying she felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray for me. My mother told this to me yesterday. It really touched know that God is speaking to others on my behalf to pray for me. This is amazing to me!

  2. So, tell me, what amazing things have been happening?

  3. I'm beginning to realize that God lets amazing things happen to us every day Melinda; new PRs in the gym, new "opportunities" at work, new friends in our life (online or in person is irrelevant) but our attitude determines if we acknowledge them as amazing or whine that they aren't what we were looking for:
    PRs rock, no two ways about'em!
    New work assignments lead to new opportunities
    New friends cross our paths & bring new perspectives.

    It's all up to us to see the miracles God bestows upon us all the time as such.

    I can honestly say I've spent at least 10 months of this year grieving over opportunities that didn't pan out, missing out day after day on all the blessings I know God placed before me that I was too bullheaded or distracted to appreciate or even acknowledge let alone be properly thankful for.

    In April I got "reassigned" to a position at my day job I don't enjoy & while whining about it I learned a dear one had lost her entire career of over 15 years to budget cuts & city politics so why was I whining?!?

    IMHO it's all perspective & honestly...mine this year has been lousy, worse than a spoiled brat kid who didn't get their way at Christmas.

    Yes, love was lost but I have to believe God has a plan & the reason(s) that love failed...must not have been His plan but rather than seeking His wisdom & TRUE guidance to His plan I whined & sought for months to know WHAT I did wrong to ruin the love I THOUGHT was meant to be.

    It goes on & on but I won't bore ya! Point is it's time to straighten out my ol'attitude & as I Blogged yesterday; get away from the WHAT & WHY went worng attitude & shift gears into the WHY NOT LIVE LIFE attitude?!?!?

    Rock on young lady! I simply CAN'T wait to read more!