Monday, June 16, 2014

Long time comin'

Nothing tastes as good as deadlifts feel.

I'm back in the gym, and it's been a long time coming. Time to take the focus off the scale, stop whining that I can't drop weight, quit cursing food that yes, as a matter of fact, does taste better than deadlifts feel.

Because it's all excuses.

I can't control my slower than sludge metabolism, frickin' age, or sedentary job.  That's my life.  And I'm tired of spending it angry at things I can't change. Serenity prayer, I need to heed your words.

What can I change? You know, that's the wrong question. That only makes me angry (yep there's that anger again) that I NEED to change something.  The right question isn't tied to the scale or the size on the label of my jeans.  The real question is quality of life, and it's probably as much the anger's fault as it is the weight, that is causing my blood pressure and cholesterol to rise.

So, what can I add to my life to increase the quality?

Deadlifts. In a gym. A solitary refuge surrounded by other lifters. That make me happy. Content.

Eat healthy when I can, and quit beating the crap out of myself when I don't.

Eyes on my own plate; why am I stressing out over what someone else puts in their mouth??

Less sitting around watching other people's lives taking place on television and Facebook and more getting out of the house and living my own life.

Laughter. More comedy shows on television, silly times with Merran, fun adventures and nights out, and yes if I want a drink - or two or three, or mac and cheese, or a Dairy Queen Blizzard - C'est la vie!!

Life, it's a long time comin'

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Perhaps it is the melancholy brought on by too little sleep, and too little food, that has brought me back here, or the rain. It has been sunny lately and warm, yet while I hoped the cloudless days would stretch into June, the rain was bound to return. Not even the number on the scale brought me too much cheer, even though it’s the lowest it’s been since February. While that should make me hopeful that perhaps I’ll easily return to my 2011 weight, I am not. The struggle of eating clean while part of a family that doesn’t is more than I feel I can overcome. Though I will keep struggling, even though I feel as though I am swimming upsteam. There are so many times I just want to give in…to let myself relax and ride the current without having to always fight.

Lying in bed this morning I had that familiar urge to speak to my mother. It hits me like that sometime when life seems too much for me to handle on my own, but that helplessness is quickly shadowed by the longing and depravity I feel with her absence. She was and always is the one person I could talk to without worrying that she would judge me or my situation or those in my life. She would just let me talk, without a lot of advice, but so much compassion.

Plan B? Drive to the beach. With gas prices at $4.25 though, that is a foolish thought.

Plan C? Go to the gym. Over the past several years the gym was my refuge. It gave me what my mother gave me…peace. An hour of mindlessness where the cares of the world were pushed aside by the repetitive and focused concentration of a heavy lift. I want to load up the leg press machine with 450# and give it my all time and time again. I want to squat with a heavy bar across my shoulders until I am afraid with one more rep I will not be able to rise. I want to sprint until I can’t breathe, walk to catch my breath, and sprint again, until all the uncertainty and doubt and fear is sweated from my body and mind.

But I’ll do none of those things. I won’t run. I’ll look up old friends online and wonder if I ever cross their mind. I’ll fix something for lunch that probably won’t be as healthy as it should be. I’ll face by life head on.


Or I’ll head back to bed and let the rain hitting the roof lull me to sleep.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The fine art

I am learning the fine art of maintaining physical fitness while also having a life.

I always said I had it easy in my fitness journey because I live alone so can keep the kitchen stocked with food that supports clean eating, without any one else bringing temptations into the house (I do enough tempting of myself, and yes am finishing the last of the peppermint mocha freeze in this morning’s protein shake…don’t judge! Lol), and with a steady work schedule can easily get to the gym when I want. Letting people into my life is proving to be a challenge; though I am still getting to the gym, and still eating fairly decently. The struggle is in living the 5-6 meal a day lifestyle. I am finding on weekends (work weeks I can still maintain control) I am back to three meals a day.

So the quest for balance continues.

I know I can’t out train a bad diet, but can you out train a mediocre diet?

This week in addition to 4 days of lifting, I need to add more cardio. I’m thinking Zumba Tuesday evenings, Friday noon, and Saturday morning; plus P90x Intervals or Rev Abs Monday and Wednesday mornings. And MAYBE P90x core Thursday morning…we’ll see.

Chest and back supersets

DB flyes 20# x 3 x 20
One arm row 40# x 3 x 11

Incline bench 65# x 12, 9, 9
Seated row 55# x 12, 10, 50# x 11

Side lat raise 8# x 20, 20, 15
Rear lat raise 8# x 15, 11, 10

Close grip lat pulldown 50# x 3 x 12

Machine row 75# x 12, 10, 67.5# x 10
Posterior delt row (on the machine row machine) 25# x 20, 30# x 15, 17

Plus 50 minutes of Zumba at lunch

DB walking lunges (WU 50 bodyweight only) 25# x 3 x 24
Sitting calf raises 115# x 10, 11, 12
Leg press (wanted to PR but the weighted walking lunges always whoop my but…literally, so no go) 360# x 15, 410# x 12, 430# x 10, 410# x 12, 360# x 21
Lying leg curl 62.5# x 12, 67.5# x 9.5, 9, 8
Cable hip adduction 25# x 12, 30# x 10, 12
Cable hip abduction 25# x 3 x 12

Zumba 60 minutes

Stay strong!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Balance

Someone asked me this past week how much I lifted, and when I said 6 days a week it got me wondering if perhaps if it was time to diversify my interests. It seems I don’t have a day where some part of my body is not aching from DOMS, and while I like nothing better than the camaraderie I find in the gym, and with my friends on, I realize there are things in my life I have been neglecting…perhaps actually purposefully neglecting and using lifting as my excuse. All is good with being strong and healthy until those efforts become a crutch.

And perhaps that is exactly why I’ve never figured out where I was going with my lifting. Because there is nowhere I have the passion to go. I want to be strong, I want to lift heavy, I want full curvy muscles. I want to be lean and tight. I don’t need 6 days in the weight room for that.

I’m thinking it’s time I stopped hiding, gave my body a bit more of a rest, and find challenges (and pleasures) outside of the weight room.

My goals?

Make my workouts more efficient. Just read this the other day and it was a good reminder to focus on form over weight of the lifts; and to add complexity through means other than increased weight.

“We must learn the distinction between COMPLEXITY and COMPLICATION. Complexity is an incremental variable of progression, which you gradually advance or regress based on the ability to hold sound mechanics (like volume, intensity, speed, density, frequency, etc.) Complication is the grafting of unrelated motor components to deliberately decay technique. If you repeat an exercise of a technique level of 5 (average mechanics) out of 10 (ten being optimal form), then half of what you’re doing is producing a positive effect, and half producing a negative effect; so, in effect, producing sum zero progress. If our technique level drops beneath an 8 (very good technique), we should decrease variables (including complexity, but also speed, volume, intensity, etc) until we can re-establish very good form. You are an ATHLETE, not a carnival performer. It only matters what you can adapt to, otherwise, it’s nothing more than exertional masturbation: it may feel good, but it lacks any power to reproduce positive results. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD; and just because we have an idea doesn’t mean it’s a good one. You adapt specifically to EVERYTHING you repeatedly do.”
Scott Sonnon FB 2/26

With my shoulder issues I’ve been struggling with the boredom of lighter weights and more reps, focusing on form rather than increased weight. Though, perhaps it’s been a good thing. As I strive to lift heavy, I need to also need to continue being patient, making my time in the weight room more efficient, and productive.

Learn how to balance. As I diversify my interests I am going to need to learn to balance my time in the gym with my other interests (which will hopefully soon be discovered), while also learning how to stand up for my gym time without succumbing to outside pressure.

Monday; 1/2/12
Incline DB curl 17.5# x 10, 15# x 10, 10
1 arm DB triceps ext 15# x 10, 10, 10
EZ bar curl (weight added) 10# x 20, 17, 15
DB skull crushers 15# x 10, 10, 12.5# x12
Hammer curls 15# x 12, 12, 12.5# x 16
Cable 1 arm triceps ext (UH) 15# x 15, 9, 5, 10# x 8
Cable 1 arm triceps reverse press down 25# x 15, 11, 6, 20# x 11
Cable hammer rope curls 40# x 12, 12, 12, 12
Triceps press down 60# x 9, 50# x 12, 12
Machine curl 25# x 15, 30# x 12, 12

Wednesday: 1/4/12
Weighted step ups (DBs) 30# x 10 (each leg), 10, 8, 25# x 10
1 DB Plie squat 50# x 15, 15, 15, 15
Sitting leg press (high feet) 180# x 10, 200# x 8, 8, 8
Sitting leg press (low feet) 180# x 12, 200# x 12, 12, 10
Standing calf raise 160# x 15, 15, 15, 25 (alternating toe direction)
Seated leg curl 135# x 10, 8.5, 8
Seated leg ext 150# x 7, 7,5, 6

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas spirit invincibility

Well, that’s it. My gym is officially closed for the weekend. Despite the little sleep last night, and the long day finishing up Christmas shopping, I made walked into the gym with eagerness tonight. Didn’t have much of a plan…just a wrap-up workout out, since that seemed to fit the season since tomorrow I have more wrapping to do that I prefer. The impatience I have in the weight room with my shoulder, and in the kitchen spills over everywhere in my life. Martha Stewart bows and ribbons are a foreign language to me.

It was a good day at the gym. Not any super lifting. Not any personal bests. Though that didn’t mean I didn’t try. A little chatting up with a special gym friend, along with a pretty nice Christmas hug, had me feeling invincible. Well, that or the Jack3D. The cause doesn’t matter. What does matter was that I learned my leg press limit, well maybe not my limit, but I learned what I can’t do. I mean I could do 9 reps at 450# how much harder could 500# be? Well turns out A LOT. Good thing the leg press sled has a low safety catch. But you know what? Failure didn’t rattle my good feeling.

I’m starting to think things are turning around. I’m planning on living 2012 in the words of the Griz, "Work hard, train hard, play hard, love deeply!"

Hope you all have a great holiday, in any matter which you choose to celebrate!

1st Circuit
DB bench step ups 25# x 10 (each leg), 30# x 10, 9
EZ bar curl (weight added) 20# x 3 x 12
EZ bar triceps extension (weight added) 20# x 10, 12, 15
Side lat raise 8# x 15, 15, 20
One arm row 45# x 12, 50# x 9, 9

2nd Circuit
DB alt curls (3 reps while opposite arm is flexed x 3 = 1 set) 17.5# x 3 sets
Triceps kickback 17.5# x 15, 15, 12
Rear delt raise 10# x 20, 20, 18
Machine row 75# x 15, 80# x 15, 15

Leg press straight set 36-# x 12, 410# x 10, 450# x 9 (500# attempt failed! Next time I’ll do the reasonable thing and try 470# first. Or something.)

Wishing everyone many many Christmas blessings!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

(Besides world peace, true love, sunshine, etc…)

Nice, full, curvy delts. That’s what I want. And it’s what I can’t have, which makes me wonder if that is precisely why I want them. What is it about being denied something that makes us long for it all the more? Am I chasing strong and sexy delts the way a teenage girl chases a cute boy, only to reject him the moment he turns her way?

If my shoulders were strong and I had no problem sculpting curvy muscle that would give me the illusion of a taper in my waist, but was plagued by knee problems, would I then long for wide deep quads and lean and tight hamstrings? Were we created to want most the very things that are just outside our grasp, chasing that glimpse of perfection (or success or satisfaction or love) like a man searching for the allusive Holy Grail?

I still feel the soreness in my quads when I stand after Saturday’s workout. I worked chest and back on Monday, arms again today. I added in a superset of side and rear lat raises with embarrassingly light weight. I should be satisfied. But I want more…I want that glimpse of what seems to always slip through my fingers like the cold Oregon mist on these foggy winter mornings.

But we can’t always get what we want now, can we?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lightening up

It’s time to lighten up. Physically and mentally.

Physically: I’ve been keeping my lower extremity lifts lighter and increasing the reps. And I’m feeling the burn. This week is the 7th week in the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer that I’m working through, and it’s time to start tracking calories again. Plus my newest jeans are getting a bit snug for dancing.

Mentally: More sit coms and less country music videos on television. More hip hop and less Tool on the radio. More traveling light. My faith’s been slightly more than shaky the past several months, heck 6 months if I’m honest, yet when I was packing up books to cart to goodwill (I’m also lightening my physical baggage – cleaning my house of unnecessary“stuff”) and I ran across the book Traveling Light by Max Lucado. In the first couple pages were these words,

“Somewhere between the first step on the floor each morning, and the last step out your door, you grabbed some luggage. The bags we carry are not made of leather; they’re made of burdens. The suitcase of guilt. A sack of discontent. You drape a duffel bag if weariness on one shoulder and a hanging bag of grief over the other. Add a backpack of doubt, an overnight bag of loneliness, and a trunk of fear.”

No wonder the physical therapist last year said my upper traps were out of proportion to the lower, causing my shoulders to roll forward, and resulting in impingement. I carry all of my burdens on my shoulders. Time to let some go. Time to laugh a little more and cry a little less. Time to do more dancing and less hiding out in bed. Time to be grateful that my legs can still lift heavy, and that if I am careful I don’t have to stop the upper body lifts completely.

Sunday: Legs
Cable kick back 20# x 20, 35# x 15, 15
Cable hip adduction 20# x 20, 25# x 15, 15
Cable hip abduction 20# x 20, 25# x 15, 15
Lying leg curl 55# x 14, 14, 62.5# x 10
Sitting calf raise 110# x 12, 110# x 15, 135# x 12
Standing calf raise 165# x 20, 215# x 20, 20
SLDL 115# x 15, 135# x 12, 165# x 10
Zumba – 60 minutes
DB one leg split squat 30# x 10 (each leg) x 3
DB lunges 30# x 10 (each leg) x 3
Seated leg curl 135# x 10, 8, 7
Seated leg extension 150# x 10, 10, 155# x 7
Wide stand seated leg press 185# x 15, 205# x 12, 12

Monday: Arms (supersets)
DB alternating hammer curls 15# x 10, 10, 10
Seated tricep extension 20# x 21, 22.5# x 20, 15
DB alternate bicep curl 15# x 3 x 12 (4 reps while opposite arm was flexed x 3)
DB skull crushers 15# x 12, 10, 12
BB curls 30# x 18, 15, 15
Triceps kickback 15# x 3 x 20
Incline DB curl 15# x 15, 15, 13
Cable 1 arm triceps ext (underhand) 15# x 3 x 12 (each arm)
Cable 1 arm triceps pressdown 20# x 15 (each arm), 25# x 15, 15

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My refuge

Sometimes it takes one simple thing to propel me into the kind of thoughts that make me question whether I can (or want to) make it through the next year, let alone 40 years (and 40 more is optimistic with my family history. If I was realistic it would be 15 more years.)

This week’s simple thing is my shoulder. Nothing so life changing as a terminal illness, or the loss of job, or the loss of a loved one. Nope, just shoulder pain. I cringe in embarrassment as I write the words, because of all the people I know who have endured worse and thrived. But this simple thing seems to be the tether to my sanity. Because the one thing that I have passion for, no, the one thing I have passion for that has never let me down, is lifting.

The weight room is my refuge. It is where I go to escape the suffocation of the empty rooms in my house. It is where I go to prove to myself I can still do something hard. It is the place that keeps me out of bed as early as six in the evening. Lifting is the one thing I can do where all other thought disappears…and the harder the lift the better. The leg press is my favorite right now, because as I press the weight it is as though I am pushing away all the disappointment, and uncertainty, and worries of bills, and anger (which is only despair in disguise) for those who so easily walk out of my life. You can do this, I tell myself. And I can. The emotions the lift erases carry a lot of weight. With each exhale my burdens become lighter. When I was sixteen and I needed to escape I would drive down the highway as fast and far as it took to realize I had no place to go. The weight room is where I go.

So, what if I can’t anymore. What if THAT is taken away? Oh, I know the shoulder will heal,
and I’ll adapt. But it reminds me that right now I am wholly dependent on my love of lifting. And being dependent on anything feels like a mistake. The frustration is not with the possibility of the inability to lift, it's with the not having anyplace else to go, and with gas prices the way they are, can't afford to drive up and down the highway, can I?

Perhaps it is time to reassess more than what lifts I can manage with an injured shoulder. Perhaps it is time to find other places of refuge, to find other means of coping, to discover other joys.

But not today. Today I am planning out a kick a$$ leg day for tomorrow. And the harder the better.

Monday, November 14, 2011


This is the sticky I posted to my computer screen this morning, all positive affirmation like, just willing the gods to shower blessings of amazingness upon me. So, the day’s about done, did anything amazing happen, you may wonder? Well it depends on what you consider amazing.

Did someone knock on my door giving me millions of dollars? No. Did my soul mate appear at my doorstep with that longed for feeling as though my heart finally found its missing half, along with the bonus of a long steady embrace, and uh…a little afternoon delight? Nope (dang it! Lol). Is my dog mysteriously hip pain free? Sigh…sadly, no. My shoulders still hurt. My crushes still don’t crush back. I didn’t spontaneously book tickets to a sunny beach. It’s still cold and rainy. I didn’t get to sleep in. And I still have to swallow back the disappointment and sorrow to keep it from overwhelming me too often for my liking.

If you look at my life nothing has changed. Except one thing. The most important thing. I am changing my attitude. So, while those amazing things up there didn’t happen (shucks gosh darn almighty!), the following things did happen, and you know what? They are pretty amazing too.

I didn’t cave to the Voodoo donut temptation Mer brought by my house this morning (and this isn’t just any donut. It’s the Old Dirty Bastard (yes that is its official name) - a raised glazed donut topped with chocolate frosting, peanut butter and Oreos.) I packed up ALL the cookies for her to take with her (I did save two for the dog…he thinks they are better than sliced bread.) I made a decision about my future that makes me very, very happy (like welcoming home an old friend.) I followed the JE diet plan to a T. I lifted hard and heavy and increased my bench. I didn’t skip my post workout meal. And, most important of all I didn’t let the darkness outside weigh so heavy on my soul inside.

And if I should falter (because the night isn’t over yet)? Then I’ll just fake it til I find it.

Here’s to looking for amazing. How about you, anything amazing happen?

Stay strong!


Monday workout

Bench press WU 45# x 15, 65# x 15 WO 80# x 6, 90# x 6 (then I got a spotter) 95# x 6, 95# x 6 (Increased these by 5# since Friday lol. Guess it helped not doing a full shoulder wo prior to benching.)Incline press 75# x 8, 6, 6, 5 (increased weight)

Flat bench flyes 22.5# x 10, 10, 8, 8

Lying ex bar tricep ext (weight added reported as I don't know the weight of the bar) 20# x 8, 10, 9, 8

DB triceps kick back 15# x 10, 10, 10, 10 (increased weight)

Triceps pressdown 60# x 10, 9. 9, 50# x 9, 9 (had to lower to 50# to maintain form)

Cable one arm triceps ext 20# x 7, 6 15# x 12, 10

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun pics from day 55

Just for fun...still a little soft in the core, but guess that just gives me something to work on.

Looking back and letting go

Pickup trucks have a way of making me feel nostalgic. Perhaps because my very first car was a truck; a 1952 Chevy. Cost me $380 saved up from working at the State Fair. Until my divorce seven years ago, with the exception of not even a handful of years, I always owned a truck. I had one on loan this past weekend, and today used it to catch up on truck chores.

The first load was delivered to the dump by 10. Feels so good letting go, like weight is being lifted off of me with each full garbage bag I tossed into the pit of garbage. I went through old boxes and finally was able to let go of childhood mementos…things that mattered at one time, but that I don’t need any more. I have my memories, they are good enough. Now that the garage is "almost" finished...the house is next. I’m excited to see what more I can let go of. By the time I’m finished I’ll feel like I can fly.

Then I took a load of brush; tree limbs and yes, last year’s Christmas tree, to the burn pile on my ex’s property. More nostalgia greeted me there. I look at each tree we planted and remember picking them out for the color the leaves turned in the fall. They surround the house so you can hardly see it from the lane now. And Jesse, my old dog, can’t hear or see well anymore. But, dang, she’s got to be at least thirteen now. I remember the day we brought her home and if I remember right she got car sick on the way to her new home.

I let go of a lot of things these past seven years; people, pets, my home, a life I had expected would be mine forever. But, while visiting makes me nostalgic, letting go was the best thing I’ve ever done, and perhaps one that took the most courage. It’s the hard things in life that we tend to remember the most; the first morning Mer and I said goodbye to the pigs the day they were going to be butchered (and both of us crying all the way to her school), the time I climbed South Sister and Mt. St. Helens, the snowshoe trip in the blizzard for a weekend stay at a fire lookout, selling our last horse (and letting go of that lifelong dream), telling my husband that I needed to leave, saying goodbye to my parents and assuring them that I was going to be okay without them. Each tough moment made me who I am today.

But my life has become stagnant these past three or four years. Sure I lost 50+ pounds. And I lift just because it is hard, because that hour in the weight room is the only time right now I am pushing myself. But I need something more. I am nostalgic for the times I made myself go beyond my comfort zone. It’s time to risk a little… to make a life worth remembering, to make life worth living.

Tuesday’s workout (focus on shoulders down, chest up, slow and steady to focus on the contraction of the muscles being worked.)
Close grip underhand pulldowns 90# x 12, 12, 10
Wide grip lat pulldown 60# x 12, 11, 10
Seated rows 50# x 12, 10, 10
BB rows 50# x 12, 10, 10
BB curls 30# x 11, 10, 10
Incline DB curl 12.5 x 13, 12, 11
Alternate hammer curls 12.5# x 12 (each side), 12, 11

Now I’m beat, but…one of Merran’s friends just invited me to Zumba, and you know me, I’m not good at saying no. So I’m meeting her at 8. :)

Monday's workout
Chest/triceps day. Realized I’ve been shrugging my shoulders/rounding my back in too many exercises lately in my attempt to go heavier. New goal is shoulders back, chest up. Amazing how that little focus can make a difference in how I feel the contraction in the muscle I’m supposed to be working

Incline press 75# x 6, 65# x 10, 10
Flat bench flyes 20# x 12, 15, 14 (need to suck it up and increase the weight)
Bench 65# x 12, 85# 6, 80# x 8 (one of the trainers said I can ask him for a spot anytime, and he’s going to make sure I don’t avoid him…great…the pressure is on.)
Tricep pressdown 60# x 15, 10, 9
One arm cable tricep ext 20# x 10, 10, 10 (only did 15# last week, so bonus)
Incline tricep ext (ex bar – don’t know the weight of the bar so just reporting the added weight) 20# x 12, 10, 10
DB tricep kickback 15# x 10 (bad form) 12,5# x 15, 12

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The thing itself

When I woke this morning there was nothing more I wanted to do than lie in bed all day, languishing in laziness between the silky sheets, feeling the coolness of the air outside the covers on my face, hearing the rain hit the window at my head.

But this past week my employer began a new wellness program that involved pedometers, and the goal to accumulate as many steps as one can each day, 7000 being the magic number to obtain maximum points for the day, with the lure of reduced health benefit deductibles in 2013, as well as cash prizes once certain levels of points have been reached.

So, Zumba was calling, with its guarantee of more than 7000 steps in just one hour. How could I skip that opportunity??

I quickly got ready (after lying in bed too long),changed into my workout gear, and hurried to the gym, only to realize the pedometer was still lying on my kitchen counter.

For the first time Zumba was a chore; each step wasted. There was no way to get those steps back today. I may as well have stayed in bed.

But it’s not about steps. It’s not about points. The point of exercising is to become healthier. That I accomplished.

Tonight as I was simultaneously adding Kahlua to my protein blended mocha while chopping celery and carrots for chicken noodle soup I was making, I thought about the guy at the gym last night asking me what my lifting goals were, and my instant guilt because I have no goal…as if lifting in itself does not warrant my time or effort. And it made me think about starting friendships you know aren’t going to last forever, or even spending a few amazing hours with someone just because you’re needing someone’s touch.

Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a goal.
Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a reason for a moment of happiness.
Sometimes the individual moments don’t need to add up to a happily ever after.
Sometimes the thing itself makes it worth doing…worth living...worth lifting…worth loving.

Here’s to enjoying the moments.

Saturday’s workout

Zumba – 60 minutes
Wood chopper 45# x 12 (each side) x 5
Cable crunch 100# x 15 x 5
Cable hip pull through 70# x 15, 10, 15
One legged cable kick back 20# x 12 (each side) x 3
Lying leg curl (one legged) 25# x 12 x 3 (no rest between sets)


(From 11/4/11)

“Got my Ray-Bans on and I’m feeling hella cool tonight, yeah
Everybody’s vibing so don’t nobody start a fight, yeah-ah-ah-ah…”

The day didn’t start out that way. As I pulled into the bank this morning on the way to work, to get some cash out of the ATM, I realized my purse was still on my bed, where I laid it when I took unpacked my workout bag from last night, exchanging yesterday’s work clothes with today’s workout gear. Damn.

No ID card to get into work. No cash. And NO lunch. Yep, didn’t pack the cooler today because, well, it was payday Monday so this week there’s still a little money for eating out. Managed to live on the favor of co-workers (for lunch and coffee…) and made it the gym, where after changing into workout gear I realized I left my Mp3 player at work. Damn.

The memo must have gone around the Y telling of the way my day had been going, because it was stroke Melinda’s ego night. And I admit, shamelessly, that I liked it.

“You are ripped,” Cameron, one of the gym’s trainers commented as I was doing hammer curls, motioning to the cut between his own delts and biceps. “But you probably get tired of hearing that.”

I laughed, “No one in my “real” life even notices.” I told him. And by “real” life, I mean the people I see face to face day after day; co-workers, and family primarily.

Then, probably the most ripped lifter at the gym, another guy I talk to occasionally, asked, “What are your goals, anyway? I noticed you lift heavier than most women.”

I was beaming. Turns out he and his wife are opening a supplement store in town…with as he said, “More elite supplements geared towards bodybuilders.” I can’t wait til it opens.

So, I left the gym intoxicated and wishing I was going out tonight because I’m feelin’ like Rhianna… “Bout to hop on the bar, put it all on my card tonight, yeah. Might be mad in the morning but you know we goin hard tonight…”


Back and biceps tonight. Focused on slow and hard, with full range of motion.

Wide grip lat pulldown 70# x 10, 75# x 10, 10
Close, underhand grip pulldown 90# x 10, 9, 9
Seated narrow grip row 80# x 7, 70# x 9, 60# x 10, 50# x 8
One arm rows 35# x 10, 10, 10
Barbell curls 30# x 11, 9, 10
Alternate DB hammer curls 12.5 x 12, (each), 12, 13
Incline DB curls 12.5# x 10, 8, 7

Just give me some candy, before I go…

(from 11/3/11)

“Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” That’s how I felt today at work; surrounded by sugary treats that are not in my nutrition plan. This is why I hate the two days a week I have to go into the office, because if you know me at all, you know I don’t do well with resisting temptation.

And you may think, but yes, it was Halloween this week and everyone is just bringing in their excess candy. Think again. The candy dishes are always full. The usual treat is peanut M & Ms. Handy to just grab a handful as you pass by. So nice of the girl I sit next to who keeps a giant bag under her desk to refill the dish whenever it gets low. The rattling of the candy into the dish brings people running like a cat coming to the sound of a shaking cat food bag. Nice perhaps. But torture to me.

Though I did resist while in the office, I left with one treat tucked inside my pocket for a after workout treat. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? I’ll never tell.

Today was chest and triceps (and 30 minutes of Zumba because while I resisted the candy at work, I didn’t resist the shortbread cookies…)

Incline BB press 45# x 2 x 15 (WU) 65# x 10, 11, 10
Flat bench flyes 20# x 10, 15, 12
Close grip BB press 45# x 12, 55# x 10, 65# x 10, 10
Lying triceps ext (EZ bar – it was a different bar today than I usually use, so not sure of the weight. This is what I added.) 20# x 10, 8, 7
Cable one arm triceps ext. 15# x 12 (each), 10, 10
Triceps pressdown 50# x 12, 12, 12

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The need for speed...

“Yeah, what I really need
Is an open road
And a whole lot of speed…”

That’s how I find a good day. Constant motion…not even physical – though that helps – but just keeping the mind engaged enough that that melancholy can’t get it’s foot in the door. Give it a chance and that frustration with the rain, disappointment with my place in life, sadness and worry for the couple of people who I really care about but can’t have in my life will barge in and take up residence, cluttering my life with memories as useless as empty beer cans the morning after a rousing night, with regret around every corner like the smell of aftershave, with failed possibilities like wet towels on the bathroom floor.

But today that melancholy may have been knocking, but I just kept myself busy, turned up the music, and pretended I didn’t hear. Nothing works like a little distraction.

And that made it a good day.

It was leg day at the gym. And there’s nothing like a little anticipation for hard work to keep me psyched.

Leg extensions 120# x 12, 10, 9
Sitting leg curls 105# x 12, 120# x 10, 105# x 9
Wide stance squat (couldn’t do these so after the first set switched to normal squats…danged groin hurting again, guess I need to stretch better…or something! Had to icy hot it when I got home – which feels surprisingly good. Lol!!) 135# x 10, 10, 10
1 legged SLDL (w/ 25# DBs) 3 x 12
Standing calf raises BW + 135# x 3 x 20
Sitting calf raises 120# x 3 x 10
Walking lunges 25# DBs – only got one set of 20 in…killed the groin so I switched to:
Leg press WU 95# x 2 x 10, 270# 2 x 10 (had to stop this too. Dang it!!)

All in all not a bad workout. Legs are still shaky as I’m sitting here typing this. Hurting ticks me off, but what can I do…well besides stretch better maybe, and figure out what’s causing the injury. I know something that’s NOT causing it (dang it!) lol!

Almost posted the video to this some guy made with a truck singing…but dang it was just a bit too cheesy. Lol!